Trillian – Your New Favorite Instant Messaging Client

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If you’re like most Instant Messenger users, you probably use more than one client (Yahoo, AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, Windows Live, etc), and probably use a social networking site with Instant Messenger features (Facebook, Myspace, etc).  Additionally, you probably don’t want to use multiple programs to manage all of your accounts.  Sure, some clients are merging with others (like AOL’s option to sync with Facebook), but you still have to have more than one program open if you want to use everything together.  Now you can, with Cerulean Studios’ Trillain Astra.  What is Trillian Astra? A free instant messaging client that manages your IM (instant messenger) accounts, social networking accounts, and email addresses, all in one program.  Trillian offers support for many popular clients, social networking sites and more.

As far as chat goes, Trillian supplies users with basic text chat, video chat via webcam, and support for both public and private chatrooms.  You may also keep track of your chat with customizable histories and transfer files through Trillain Astra’s chat.

When you run Trillian for the first time, you’re prompted to set up your Astra profile, which is essentially a log-in for your log-ins.  Once you set up your Astra profile, you then set up which ever Instant Messaging clients you want to use with Trillian (AOL, Yahoo, etc), along with your social network sites (Facebook, Myspace).  After you set up your accounts, you’re free to IM with all of your clients!

For more information about Trillian, as well as downloads, go to Trillian’s official site.

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