Microsoft to Release Patch for Flaw in Security

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According to this security advisory, Microsoft is working on a patch to prevent remote shell execution via a shortcut exploit.

The flaw, Microsoft explains, affects almost all versions of Windows, from Windows XP to Windows 7, and is dangerous to most users.  The flaw, if exploited, could allow people to execute code and spread malware remotely – posing a threat to all users.

Particularly dangerous, reports PCWorld, is the Sality family of viruses.  Typically spread through flash drives or shared network drives, the Sality family spreads to other parts of your system, disables firewalls and other forms of protection, and then replicates itself.

In order to hinder the spread of such malware, Microsoft is rushing the release of the patch, scheduling it separately of it’s usual monthly updates.

It should be noted that Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Windows 2000 users will still be vulerable to this patch, since Microsoft no longer supports those systems.  Windows XP Service Pack 3 users will be able to get the update.

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