Need Some New Games for Free?

Posted by in Tech Tips

Looking for some new games to play, but can’t afford a $64.99 package of software plus however much it costs to play monthly?  Open source games could be your solution.  What is an open source game?  It’s a game like any other one you would pay for, usually made by fans or small developers.  Instead of buying the software from the developer, they usually ask for a donation (which is optional – if you like what you download, donate as you see fit).  What are some good open source games? Let’s look two open source games today:

Secret Maryo Chronicles – This free game is essentially a copy of Super Mario, but with different graphics and levels.  Secret Maryo Chronicles can be downloaded here.

Freeciv – For those of you who prefer a more strategic game, Freeciv is a free adaptation of the first two installments of Sid Meiers’ Civilization series.  Freeciv’s official website is here.