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Monitoring your monitor

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Smudges, dirt and dust can make any monitor look downright filthy.  Using the wrong cleaner or cloth can make matters worse, or even damage your equipment!  But not to worry, by following this guide you can safely clean your equipment and not have to worry about dust anymore.

Step 1: Turn off the monitor.  By turning it off, you can usually see the dirt and dust much better than when it’s on.

Step 2: Use an extremely soft, dry cloth to gently wipe off the dirt.  Many companies make cloths specifically for this job.  You may also use a microfiber cloth used to clean glasses if you have one available. Don’t use paper towel, tissues, clothing (even a cotton tee shirt), or anything else that isn’t approved for screen cleaning. Doing so can scratch and ruin your screen.  Some companies market “Electronics Cleaning Cloths”, which are often moistened, pre packaged cloths.  While they may be fine for your mouse, keyboard and desk, never use them on your monitor as they can (and usually do) leave streaks behind – yes, I know from personal experience.

Step 3: If you’re having a hard time cleaning off a particular bit of grime, DO NOT push harder in an attempt to scrub away the offending substance.  Pushing on a display can cause dead pixels or even destroy the entire display. If you must, dampen your cloth with either a small amount of distilled water, or a commercial cleaner made especially for cleaning monitors or displays.  Never use glass cleaner or any other type of cleaner on the screen. Never spray any substance on the screen directly, because the liquid can leak in the monitor and cause all sorts of problems.

Step 4:  If you are cleaning the outside housing of the monitor or the stand it rests on, you may use any mild cleaner (like glass cleaner).  Just make sure you don’t get any on the screen.