Customizing Your Microsoft Office 2010 Window Color

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So, you’ve just personalized your computer’s look or changed your theme, but your favorite programs don’t match your layout.  By following this guide, you can customize the color of your Microsoft Office programs to match your computer’s theme.

Step 1: Open a Microsoft Office 2010 Program. For this guide, we’ll use Microsoft Word.

You can open word any way you wish - this picture shows it pinned to the taskbar

Step 2: Once Word is open, click on the File tab, then click on Options.  A separate Options window will pop up.

Click on the File Tab

Next Click on the Options button

Step 3: From the Options window, you can change quite a few things, from languages and saving settings to proofing and display options.  For today, let’s stick with modifying your color.

Finally, select the Color you want and click OK

In the General Tab (This should be selected by default), there will be a color scheme dropdown menu. From here you can choose from Black, Silver or Blue. Once you’ve made your choice, click OK and enjoy your newly customized Microsoft Office!