Changing Print Margins in Microsoft Word 2010

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Are you tired of that short, two-line page that prints out on the end of your document?  Do you want to save paper?  If you do, then follow this simple guide on how to change your print margins in Microsoft Word 2010.

Step 1: Open the document you want to print.  In this example, you can see that my document has just a few lines that spill onto the next page.  In the next few steps, we’re going to fix that.

Why print 2 pages when you only need 1?

Why print 2 pages when you only need 1?

Step 2: Click on the Page Layout tab.  Here we can modify our page’s margins, orientation, as well as many other things.  Next click on the Margins button, and select “Narrow”.  Notice that the amount of text that can fit per page increased dramatically.

Click on the Page Layout tab

Next Select "Narrow" for your margin setting

Step 3: Print your document like you would normally.

Now it's only 1 page!

Note: You can also adjust your margins to any width you want by the directions to step 2, then by clicking “Custom Margins” instead of “Narrow”, and then by setting your margins.