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Hurricane Preparedness – Protect Your Data From The Storm

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If you’re like any other Coastal Bend Resident – From Brownsville, Texas through Corpus Christi all the way up to Victoria, TX, you’re probably watching the news about Hurricane Alex, and you’re probably making some last minute preparations like boarding your windows and moving the lawn furniture.  One thing both business owners and residential clients may forget about is their computer and network equipment and data.  Extreme weather of any kind, from tropical depression and storms to Category 5 hurricanes and tornadoes, can not only cause structural damage to your business, but can also cause catastrophic data loss and network damages.

Here is a checklist of steps you should take in preparing your home’s or business’s computer resources for extreme weather or natural disaster.

  • Take your computer and any backups you own with you if you can. This applies for homes or home offices. If you only need to protect one or two computers, they’ll be safer with you than left for the storm.
  • If you can’t take your system with you (you have more than one or two computers, or you have business network set up) – be sure you have an off site back up available, and make sure it is as up to date as possible. You also should have a hard copy to take with you or at the very least a hard copy to put into your company’s firebox.
  • When you have a back up made, be sure the following items are included:
    • Contracts (clients, contractors, employees, etc)
    • Contacts (Most recent data for clients, vendors and employees)
    • Accounting Info (Tax info, payroll spreadsheets, credit card informaiton, Accounts Recievable and Accounts Payable Info)
    • Utilities Information (water, electrical, Internet provider, gas)
    • Personal Data (Photographs and Documents
    • Multimedia (Videos, Music, Presentations)
    • Make sure you have your Business Assets Inventory taken. This includes EVERYTHING, from computer equipment to office furniture and lunchroom items and decorations.
    • Make sure you have your insurance information and phone numbers on hand
    • When you prepare your office or home for a disaster, bag your computers and put them in a safe place. This means wrapping the equipment and neatly wound wires in plastic, and putting them off the ground in a safe place. One way to do this is by placing the equipment on a sturdy table (to prevent flood water from ruining them), and then placing another sturdy piece of furniture on top (protecting the equipment from falling debris).

DBS Technologies provides off site Data Back up and Disaster Recovery services.  Our clients who subscribe to these services know that their data is in the right hands, giving them both piece of mind, and time to think about other important preparations.  Call us before it’s too late.  361-729-2323